Monday, December 20, 2010

Shark FAQ 6

How do sharks find their food?

Sharks are provided with several extraordinary senses that help them find their prey.

This developed and accurate senses has made them very successful for 400 million years.

Usually they use their electrosense system to find prey from long distances.

Then when they are close, smell, hearing and visual senses are used for verifying that the prey is fine for food.

Great White Sharks can smell blood from 1kilometre off, now that's scary!


  1. imagine you were left bleeding in the middle of the atlantic ocean with no land to swim to, that would be the freakiest shit ever.

  2. how much blood is needed for the shark to be able to find you?

  3. Can they detect your blood-alcohol level?

  4. I know it's nature at work but I still feel bad for the seal.

  5. That's what the seal gets for being so damn slow. eat or be eaten.